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Most expensive couches in the world

For those who like to have a fully decorated living room or where the sofa represents the central part of the stay, this will be a dream come true. Often get a good rest on the couch is priceless.

But remember, these are not the usual resting places, because they have something that makes them different. In addition to the price, each sofa that appears on the list of the most expensive sofas in the world also has a particular design, fabric, function or a name that makes the difference.

The Aston Martin DB6 sofa is the luxury and height of its name, a limited edition sofa that is similar to the back seat of the car with the same name. It’s a replica of the two seats of a 1965 Aston Martin DB6.

For Aston Martin enthusiasts or simply for people who love cars this is a piece of furniture that is both elegant and tasteful. The Children of Aston Martin Heritage Designs created a work of art, managing to perfectly recreate the back seat and transform it into a sofa. It has a silver birch finish, red leather upholstery, however, the birch color and upholstery can be chosen by you upon request.

Aston Martin

3-seater plus sofa from the prestigious firm Aston Martin. Aston Martin’s quality is transferred to its furniture and upholstery. Luxury sofas covered in leather, structure and legs in carbon fiber and metal. It can be upholstered in different colors that you can see in the accompanying samples. All Aston Martin furniture comes with its name tag.

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