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French decoration

Two words can define the French style: romantic and elegant. One of the main elements of this decoration is the objects made with natural materials such as wood and stone.

In addition, hand-painted porcelain ornaments are used. In this style the walls are very important, since wallpaper with floral prints can be included, using bright colors.

French decoration has a special taste for delicacy. In the dining room, carved details on the table and chairs are common. Also included are colorful baskets and decorations, ceramics, wooden pieces, as well as abundant natural plants in the interiors. Some other elements are antique furniture that gives a touch of romanticism to the space, lamps, coffee tables made of dark woods, carpets and embroidered rugs, as well as cheerful and colorful prints.

It is also customary to put stone fireplaces in the rooms, adorned with candles, vases and vases of different sizes.

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French decoration takes us back to the time of Louis XIV in France. Where luxury and elegance were the main characteristics. The ostentatious and very detailed decorative elements are the protagonists of this style. For this reason, if you are looking to decorate your home with a French style, you are in the right place.

We will tell you how you can combine the decorative objects, apply the right colours, textures, fabrics and furniture. You should also bear in mind not to overload the spaces. This style is characterised by furniture and elements that are very colourful and “heavy” to look at. You must combine all the elements to create a pleasant unit.

Elements of French decoration

You will have to combine colours, lighting, furniture, fabrics and decorative objects in a way that highlights the French style at first sight. Here is what you need to bear in mind to do this.


To achieve an ideal French decoration, you should apply light colours to your walls. You can choose colours such as white, ecru or chalk. Paint your walls smooth or apply a beautiful wallpaper with subtle textures to some of them. Lighter tones will reflect more of the natural light entering the space. Also, if you then apply darker colors to your decorative elements, you will create a beautiful contrast. The most commonly used tones in the French style, to combine with white, are: malbec, blue and gold or silver details


Both natural and artificial lighting will be a key element in highlighting French decoration. The large windows with white wooden frames will give an elegant and beautiful look to your spaces. In addition, you will have more natural light entering your home, it will bounce off the walls with light tones and it will generate a visual amplitude in the space.

On the other hand, artificial lighting is extremely important as well. You can apply beautiful crystal ceiling lights in your rooms. These types of lamps are very characteristic of the French style. Cheer up and decorate your home’s ceilings with these beautiful lighting objects.


The French style furniture stands out for its wooden structures worked on the edges. Usually you can see details on the ends of the furniture. Such as the legs of a table, the back of a sofa or a chair. In this way, you can incorporate a beautiful multi-body sofa into your living room. This way, you will bring a vintage look to your spaces.

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