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Decoration for civil marriage

The civil wedding is usually held in an intimate atmosphere between family and close friends, as it is usually the ceremony before the religious wedding, but that does not mean that the decoration for the civil wedding goes under the table.

While it is true that civil marriage is a simple ceremony compared to religious weddings, it is also a more elegant and minimalist decoration where the bride and groom allow themselves to mix elements of their style and not necessarily traditional

The decoration of the marriage includes many details for its civil realization, since one must think about both the decoration of the space for the ceremony and the decoration for the party, which usually happens in the same place.

Decoration for civil parties

The house is often the scene of this type of union. As they are small places or at least the same size as an event room, the decoration must take care of how to divide up the rooms, making use of all the available space.

Civil marriage is the event where the bride and groom seal their love before the men and all the details must be watched. The decoration should not lack the attention to the companions but neither the touches of romanticism worthy of the occasion that is celebrated.

Once the location where the civil marriage will be celebrated is defined, the bride and groom concentrate on the style of decoration: classic, elegant, traditional, vintage, minimalist or take a little of the influence of all.

The next step, and the one around which the rest of the choices usually revolve, is the color of the wedding.

White is the choice that does not fail and is typical of couples who like elegance and sophistication. The color white is recommended for the decoration of civil weddings that take place during the day or at night.

The following color is only for daring brides! Black in combination with another tone is a symbol of elegance and modernity. It is perfect in combination with gold, silver or classic white.

Decoration for living rooms

The decoration for the halls for civil marriage takes care of a series of important details, among them, the flowers that are one of the most romantic details that can exist and are always present in the important celebrations.

In civil weddings the flowers are perfect to generate that cozy atmosphere that every ceremony of this type deserves.

A beautiful way to take advantage of them is to throw their petals to the bride and groom after the ceremony and give another face to the typical rice tradition.

The flowers should be placed along the way to the altar and in other spaces of the party deposited in glass jars or accessories made of wood for a modern vintage touch according to the taste of the couple, but always romantic.

Lighting is a detail that should not be neglected in any event and the reception of a civil marriage is no exception.

These types of evenings, whose intimate and cosy atmosphere is rescued, perfectly admit the use of candles in the decoration, which can be arranged on the tables of the guests and in strategic places or inns located in the meeting to complement the lighting of the place itself.

The candles are justified by the sensitive nature of the civil commitment and additionally represent a considerable saving in the budget when compared to the investment in a professional lighting equipment.

Arrangements for Civilian Engagement

The arrangements are one of the details of the decoration that the guests to a marriage remember more often, among them the centerpieces. Hence the need to take care of creating fun and original proposals.

The choice depends on the style of the wedding, romantic, vintage or elegant. An option for almost every style is the use of transparent glass containers decorated inside with stones of striking appearance and color.

The final touch is achieved by adding a little water and placing a candle on the surface of the container. This is a simple idea to realize and visually unparalleled.

The flowers are usually the main detail of this type of arrangement. If the protagonists of the civil marriage look for a little more inspiration.

Buffet for simple civil marriage

In every important event, food is a subject that must be taken care of, but in civil marriage parties, beyond quality, presentation plays an equal role.

The decoration of the civil marriage buffet can define the success or otherwise of the decoration. It is not a question of abundance but of knowing how to elegantly distribute the types of food and especially the most striking ones such as sweets.

Some wedding planners recommend that the cake is not used in the decoration of the civil celebration, when there is a table of sweets, in order to alleviate the budget; in both cases it is a question of sweets, but the cakes can be very expensive and in most of the occasions they are not consumed. In any case, if you don’t want to lose the habit, you can opt for a much smaller and more symbolic cake.

Like food, drinks are an important part of any celebration. In a civil marriage you can have a cocktail bar.

This choice can be more friendly with the budget of the civil marriage celebration because previously the bride and groom choose the types of cocktails that will be served and therefore the type of liquor that each one requires.

A cocktail bar is always an attractive and eye-catching bet and it will surely keep guests entertained for a long time.

The marriage union is an important event in anyone’s life and in which the anxiety of everything going perfectly is inevitable.

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