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Loft style decoration

What ideas do you get when you walk into an abandoned space? Have you ever thought that what was once an office or an industrial facility could become a department or something like that? Loft-style decor, which emerged in the 1950s. It is characterized by being used in large areas …

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Tropical decoration

By tropical decoration, we mean one that uses bright colors and earthy elements. Nature should be present in this type of decoration, as well as bright colors, which make us think of our natural environment. On the other hand, this style is constituted from pieces made with materials such as …

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Timeless interiors in 10 classic 20th century residences

The period of the 20th century was the scene of changes that went from the emergence and consolidation of modern architecture, to the dissemination of criticism and various theories of the movement as the architectural production of the same period. The expression and experimentation of architects is reflected in the …

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