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Types of lamps in decoration

How many types of lamps are there? By their shapes we can list several. To begin with, there are the floor lamps, which are the ones that rest on the floor and are usually the tallest ones as well. These types of lamps are quite decorative, since the distance at …

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Contemporary style decoration

“Contemporary” refers to everything that is produced in our time, that is, the present. However, when applying this concept to decoration, we will find some foundations that will help us understand the way in which this style is shaped. First of all, the contemporary style expresses an elegant appearance, with …

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Madrid gives the green light to Valdebebas Central Park

The Madrid City Council has given the initial go-ahead to undertake the work on Valdebebas Central Park, following the agreement of the Governing Board meeting in a telematic session. With an area of 887,500 square meters, it will complete the more than five million square meters of green areas in …

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