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A classic but renewed and fresh air in this new vermouth shop in Madrid

La Española is the name of the new premises located at number 70, Pintor Rosales Street in Madrid, which represents a renewed version of the classic vermouth shop in Madrid.

An obligatory stop for vermouth lovers, in this place we can enjoy vermouth (the time will come), accompanied by an aperitif and enjoying the live music of a violin in a sophisticated atmosphere, young and fresh at the same time.

This atmosphere is the result of the work of Adriana Somoza, from As Interiorista, who has managed to transfer the tradition of the famous drink from the 50’s and 60’s to the premises, mixing a fresh and modern interior design with pieces chosen from those years by Judith San Quintín’s antique shop.

The space reveals its structure of wooden beams and columns with brick walls that contrast with the floor of marked black and white geometries and, above all, with the velvet and softness of the curves of the bar and of the armchairs and benches.

The golden antique lamps remind us of the classic style while the rattan lamps and the bistro-style chairs give the space a fresh and contemporary touch.

With a palette of powdered blues, greens and pinks, the place also includes a lot of greenery which combined with the abundant light and handcrafted touches creates a small oasis for an aperitif, but at any time of the day.

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